Exhibition equipment

Burkhardt Leitner constructiv

Our basic equipment for construction of exhibition stands is equipment by German Company «Burkhardt Leitner constructiv GmbH &Co» (Germany), we are also an exclusive distributor of this Company. Depending on the tasks we offer one of three basic systems: Pila constructiv, Pila Doppelstock, Pila Petite. www.burkhardtleitner.ru

Constructiv Pila

Is a modern modular exhibition system made of aluminum elements. Due to variety of accessories we can use various filling materials: glass, textile, banners, chip boards, medium density fiberboards. Advertising brochure.

Constructiv Pila Doppelstock

Consists of Constructiv Pila with additional elements: ladder, handrails, floor filling, load-bearing units, which help to create modern two-storeyed stands. Advertising brochure.

Constructiv Pila Petite

Main advantage of this system is an opportunity to create complex structures, withstanding high static loads, for example, a ceiling without an additional support. The constructiv stability is combined with system flexibility and easy installation. Pila systems are visually light and aery, HI-TECH style, they are ideal solutions for construction of cosmetic and jewelry companies’ stands. Advertising brochure.

Octanorm Maxima Light

The system was created by one of world leaders of exhibition market - German Company OCTANORM. Octanorm Maxima Light is a premium class product which has shown itself to good advantage all over the world and is very popular in Russia. The system is an aluminum structure of various section (120 mm х 120 mm; 80 mm х 80 mm; 40 mm х 40 mm) and dimensions (from 1000 mm up to 6000 mm). The constuctiv withstand significant loads and helps to build stands up to 6 meters high. It can be used at construction of classical exhibition stands, providing fundamentality, immensity and space. www.octanorm.de

Octanorm Standart

The system is used for construction of both standard and exclusive exhibition stands.
It can be used also for construction of low-budget stands with show-windows and partitions for space division.
It is compact, low-weight and easy to install.

SYMA Orbit

The system is also named by professionals as «Sphere - pipe». It consists of spherical and longitudinal elements, so we can easily transform and combine the stand, creating multilevel structures. Due to variety of connections we can implement safely the most creative design solutions, create original designs - pyramids, domes, cylinders, spheres and even spirals. And the stand will always look light and elegantly. SYMA Orbit System is made of high-quality Swiss materials and is easy to assemble. www.syma.ch

Mark Bric

In case of rent of small exhibition areas and minimum budget we offer mobile structures by one of leading manufacturers of mobile exhibition systems - Mark Bric AB Company. Main advantage of the mobile stand is a repeated use of the structure and an opportunity to replace the banner cloth depending on the subjects and concepts of action. The mobile stand is low-weight, convenient at transportation and easy to assemble. Mark Bric structures are made of high-quality materials and meet European quality standards. Mark Bric catalogue. www.printfield.ru


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