Advantages of own exhibition stand

• economic benefit: you invest your money in the stand which will be working for many years;
• multifunctionality. Equipment elements help to lend variety to the stand decoration according to the tasks that you face;
• guaranteed quality of the equipment;
• convenient transportation and storage.

At the stand purchase we provide full range of services:
• presentations with stands examples, equipment samples;
• personnel training, engineering specifications, consulting;
• creation of stand architectural project;
• delivery of the stand;
• transportation; installation/dismantling of expositions;
• warranty.

Constructiv Pila

Is a modern modular exhibition system made of aluminum elements and connectors. It helps to create high-rise large-scale stands with total area more than 100 sq.m. Console units withstand high static loads. Constructiv PILA Catalogue

Constructiv Pila Petite

Is a classical modular architectural system. High modularity level helps to create complex structures, withstanding high static loads. Stability of Constructiv synergetrics depends not only on durability of connecting elements. The system ie easily and quickly mounted due to simple assembly principles. Constructiv PILA Petite Catalogue

Constructiv PON

The system consists of connector and bar with magnetic connections. The connectors are made of special high-strength steel, the bars of special high durability aluminum alloy. It is light, can be assembled without any special tools, and the packages occupy small floor area.
Constructiv PON Catalogue

Constructiv CLIC

The system elements are connected by easy clicking, creating modular structural system. The system can be used in accordance with simple design principle. It can be mounted without any special tools.
Constrictiv CLIC Catalogue
Constrictiv CLIC Rund Catalogue

Constructiv TELVIS

The system consists of telescopic pipes and a connector. It can be mounted without special tools. It can be easily transformed, it is light, convenient at transportation and multipurpose.
Constructiv TELVIS I Catalogue
Constructiv TELVIS II Catalogue

Mobile stands Mark Bric

Wide range of convenient, reliable and economic mobile exhibition stands and various advertising vehicles. The elements fit perfectly and can carry out many functions in different situations. All the sets can be easily transported and repeatedly used. They are intended for advertising, retail and exhibition industries. Mark Bric Catalogue


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