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Creation of the stand, as well as any production process, consists of several stages, each of them requires time, monetary and human resources. Therefore it is important at all stages to follow specific algorithm.

Stand concept

In order to become an effective communication tool, the stand should have specific point - idea or concept. Therefore we learn the aims and tasks of our clients in order to implement them in the exhibition project.

Technical design specification

Please, fill the form of technical design specification, which will help our designers to create comfort and effective stand space.


Successful ideas draw attention, affect emotions and motivate stand visitors. Being guided by this principle, we start the creation of design model of the exhibition stand.


We provide to the client the graphic three-dimensional image of the stand and the contract design. All the design solutions are thought out technically and based on production facilities potential.


After approval the design project goes to manufacturing for approval and selection of required materials and, directly, to manufacturing of the exhibition stand. Own production facilities help to use advanced materials and technologies and also to perform work by ourselves without third parties.


When due hereunder prior to the beginning of the exhibition we carry out an accreditation at the exhibition center – approval of the contract design. We provide technical calculations, drawing designs, electric circuits of illumination, equipment and exhibit items of the stand, acoustic system installation circuits and other documents.


At the date of expocentre opening the building team starts an installation of the structures, carry out decoration works and placements of exhibit items, electric connection, etc. In accordance with agreed term we commission the stand.


After the end of the exhibition we dismantle the stand: dismantling of the structure, packing of cargo and removal of exhibit items.


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